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「国民と国家」についてのアンケートを元に生成された音楽と回答の文章を、Oculus Questでミャンマーの鉄道に乗りながら鑑賞するインタラクティブ音楽作品

An interactive music piece in which you can watch music and texts generated based on a questionnaire about "People and State" while riding a train in Myanmar in Oculus Quest.


online form available in both Japanese and English, and the answers will be reflected in the artwork in real time.When you look at the silhouette of a passenger on the train, the answers will start to play!

アンケートに答える Click here to the questionnaire!  


In the train, the piece asks you to think about the state and democracy while reading each answer and listening to the music.


The opinions of people from all over the world will be played. The situation in Myanmar is still very serious, but we hope that it will become a stable, free, and peaceful country.


You can participate in this work by answering your own questionnaire.

この作品を楽しむには、SideQuestを使用して、ダウンロードしたapkファイルを、Oculus Questにインストールをして、未承認のアプリケーションから、PeopleandStateを選んでプレイしてください。

To enjoy this piece, use SideQuest, install the downloaded apk file on your Oculus Quest, and select PeopleandState from the list of unapproved applications.


PaS.apk.zip 835 MB

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